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集團 描述 主任 郵件 Membri
Fondazione Annamode, Italia Collection of: authentic costumes from the mid 700 to 1980,created for famous actors of film, theater,film works; fashion accessories; drawings of models, sketches, paper-models and original movie posters; documents on fashion and lifestyle. katia.maratea 16 152
Bueno Cultural Association, Italia Bueno Cultural Association, founded in 2010 to preserve, enhance and promote the memory of the painters Antonio and Xavier Bueno and of the ethnomusicologist Caterina Bueno. pamela giorgi 21 187
Liber Liber, Roma, Italia Liber Liber is an Italian non-profit cultural association founded in 1994 whose aim is the promotion of any kind of artistic and intellectual expression via the publication and the free dissemination of literary masterpieces in electronic format. liberliber 10,287 192
Festival Cielos del Infinito, CIELOS, Chile The Festival Cielos del Infinito's mission is to strengthen the artistic activities in the Region of Magellan in the Chilean Patagonia. francesca 91 186
Digital Meets Culture, Italy Digital Meets Culture is accounted as a remarkable meeting point for collecting and sharing information and events about the digital culture. Valentina Bachi 28 229
Department of Information Systems for Arts and Humanities, DISAH, St. Petersburg, Russia The Department of Information Systems for Arts and Humanities is meant for the bachelor programme Information Technologies for Arts and Humanities. borisov 25 228
Associazione Culturale Onlus ICT Ad Duas Lauros, Roma, Italia The Associazione Culturale Onlus ICT Duas Lauros with Associazione Ecomuseo Casilino Ad Duas Lauros, is realizing the project of Ecomuseum. The project includes the promotion of theaters activities, live music exhibitions and conferences. duaslauros 42 199
Theatrical Events Working Group This group has been created for members of the Theatrical Event Working Group of the FIRT/IFTR to explore ECLAP and to use this ECLAP working group as a space for work and discussion. Josefien Schuurman 41 269
Teatro Napoletano, Napoli, Italia The archive Teatro Napoletano was founded on January 29 in 2001 under the patronage of the university of salerno and carried out by a team of young scholars from this university coordinated by Antonia Lezza. alezza 28 237
Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia, ANSC, Italia The Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia is one of the most ancient musical institutions in the world (it was founded in 1585). Its activities embrace many diverse sectors of cultural life. l.sutton 33 253
IRTEM - Istituto di Ricerca per il Teatro Musicale Founded in Rome in 1984, Irtem is a non-profit, publicly financed institute which aims at creating a research centre in the fields of musical theatre, 20th-century music and ethnomusicology. raffaella santucci 28 218
DigiLab - Centre for Research in Digital Arts and Humanities With over 148,000 students and 4,500 teachers, the University of Rome “La Sapienza” is one of the 100 most important universities in the world, the largest in Italy and one of the largest in Europe. angela.diiorio 29 381
Grotowski Institute, IG, Poland Grotowski Institute (IG), channel agasosnowska 27 310
The National Audiovisual Institute, Poland From the very beginning of its existence, the mission of the National Audiovisual Institute has been to make the most noble and significant examples of Polish audiovisual culture widely available. Nina 35 297
Fondazione Fabbrica Europa per le Arti Contemporanee, FFEAC, Italia Promotion of the relationships among contemporary creativity and production, organisation of the performing arts festival Fabbrica Europa Vittoria Colotti 103 333
Associazione Archibraille (ACCESSIBLE MUSIC SCORES), ARCHIBRAILLE, Italia, a larger number of Braille music scores, available in the new format named BMML format nicotra 307 258
ECLAP Best Practice Network katia.maratea 921 457
Universidad de Castilla La Mancha, UCLM, Spain UNIVERSIDAD DE CASTILLA LA MANCHA, UCLM, SPAIN Amparo Ecija 1,324 372
Department of Theatre Studies, University of Amsterdam, UvA, The Netherlands The department and research group of Theatre Studies is housed in the University Theatre in the centre of Amsterdam. It has an extensive BA and MA program. ErikLint 374 688
History of Art at University of Glasgow (UG), UK The University of Glasgow (UG) is one of UK’s oldest universities, in the world’s top 100 universities, and a major internationally renowned research organisation, with an annual research income in the UK's top ten earners for research. University Glasgow 4,843 330
Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (University of Cambridge), Cambridge, UK See robinboast 1,663 297
Országos Színháztörténeti Múzeum és Intézet (Hungarian Theatre Museum and Institute), OSZMI Since 1952 the Hungarian Theatre Museum and Institute has been collecting the most valuable relics and data of the Hungarian theatre, bridging the distant beginnings centuries ago with last night's performances... Attila Szabó 49,475 260
Muzeum, Institute of Art Production, Mediation and Publishing, Ljubljana, Slovenia an independent non-profit institute for art production, mediation and publishing established in 1995 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. barbara 2,654 297
Centre de Documentació Museu de les Arts Escèniques Institut del Teatre de Barcelona, ITB, Barcelona, Spain an information and documentation service specializing in theater, dance, opera, operetta, variety, magic, circus and para-theatrical event. ITB 23,059 388
Sound & Vision (Beeld en Geluid), The Netherlands The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid) is one of the largest audio-visual archives in Europe. lottebelice 4,108 323
Escola Superior de Música, Artes e Espectáculo do Porto, ESMAE-IPP, Porto, Portugal ESMAE belongs to the Porto’s Polytechnic Institute emerged (1994) with intention to widen its offer of graduation courses to other artistic areas beyond music. Bruno Pereira 2,806 326
La Maison du Spectacle La Bellone, BELLONE, Brussels, Belgium La Bellone, House of Performing Arts, is dedicated to the live arts: theatre, dance, opera, circus, performance... BELLONE 890 302
WG: Digital Libraries Tools The Digital Libraries Tools Working groups (WG-C) focusses on the analysis of best practices and applications for performing arts digital libraries and archives. katia.maratea 566 509
WG: Intellectual Property and Business Models for Content This Working Group focusses on the analysis of best practices and applications for Intellectual Property and business models for content. lottebelice 441 374
General Management To discuss about ECLAP general management. paolo 1,157 46
Development Description to organize and discuss about ECLAP development. root 480 202
Festival International de Films de Femmes de Créteil, FIFF, Paris, France marina.mazzotti 10,080 268
WG: Performing Arts Education and Training tools The aim of this Working Group is to stimulate students to learn by discovery and to allow teachers and researchers to integrate in their classes the materials and tools from within the ECLAP learning environment. ErikLint 480 590
Dario Fo & Franca Rame Archive, CTFR, Milano, Italia It comprehensively represents these 50 years of theatre together, their artistic activity, their political commitment and personal life; it also contains invaluable documents collected by the Rame family of hundreds of years of theatre practice. Mariateresa Pizza 47,454 420
Centro Teatro Ateneo, University of Rome La Sapienza, UNIROMA, Italia The University of Rome dates back to 1303 - when Pope Bonifacio VIII Caetani proclaimed the “Bolla In Supremae praeminentia Dignitatis”, founding the Studium Urbis - and is the largest University in Europe. FERRUCCIO MAROTTI 2,832 466