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UCLM / ARTEA  content in ECLAP.  July 2012

UCLM in ECLAP content is organized in videos, texts and photographs. This content is related to the Virtual Archive of Performing Arts (  created in 2005 by the research group ARTEA (UCLM) to provide students, teachers and professional critic and documentary material on contemporary artists and their contexts of production and exhibition. This is not an exhaustive archive, but a documentary proposal related to a defined historiographic purpose. The concept of "performing arts" to be handled is large, as covering everything that happens in real time and in the presence of spectators (including, therefore, hybrid works, instalactions, video-performances, etc.).
ECLAP Videos

There are 124 video files (162 items) which sum up about 7200 minutes of a wide range of Performing Arts artists from Spain and South America: Spanish choreographers pioneers in the New Dance movement in the nineties -La Ribot, Olga Mesa, Monica Valenciano-, theatre companies that renovated the Performing Arts scene in Spain at the end of the eighties and the beginning of the nineties –Arena Teatro, La Zaranda, La Carnicería Teatro; Gelabert Azzopardi cia de dansa, one of the founders of the dance theatre in Cataluña, Nieves Correa, one of the most representative Performace Art artist in Spain, Carles Santos, the experimental musician and Performance artist; also a new generation of choreographers who started to present their work from 2000 -Cuqui Jerez, Asier Zabaleta, Filipa Francisco (from Portugal), Marcela Levi (from Brazil) and Annabel Gueredrat (Martinica) and the Colombian theatre company Mapa Teatro; Spanish and Latinamerican videodance is also shown through the videos selected for the festivals VIDEOFRONTERAS 2007 / 2008 and Circuito de Danza MercoSur.

All the videos have Europeana Rights Reserved Restricted licence. They are reproduced with the artist´s authorization and they can only be used for educational and research purposes.


There are about 240 text documents (12.000 pages) that cover articles, books, book chapters, catalogues, programmes of some the videos, magazines, etc. written or edited in Spain and South America. I would like to underline the following objects:

Cairon Journal of Dance Studies Magazine
, the first ten issues published from 1995 to 2004 by the Aula de Danza Estrella Casero from Alcalá University (Madrid).

Fases Magazine (Seven issues edited by Teatro Pradillo (Madrid) about the experimental performing arts in Madrid at the beginning of the nineties)

Tiempo en escena, Carlos Marqueríe (ed.) 1990, Teatro Pradillo

Los hombres de piedra, 1990, Antonio Fernández Lera, Cuadernos de Teatro-Teatro Pradillo
Desviaciones, 1999, José A. Sánchez (ed.): The first book edited in the context of Desviaciones Festival that gathers the interviews, dialogues and conferences celebrated during the first editions of the festival.

Performance de cámara 1994-2004, Nieves Correa (ed.)

La vanguardia teatral en España (1965-1975), Oscar Cornago.

The catalogues of Situaciones Festival

The texts by the Brazilian theorist Christine Greiner specially O corpo em crise (2010)

The books and catalogues edited by Arena Teatro company that complent the scenic work and the books of the festival Encuentros de Teatro Contemporáneo (etc) organized by Arena Teatro from 1989 to 1992

The three books by the Cuban Dance specialist Ramiro Guerra: Siempre la danza, su paso breve (2010), El síndrome del placer (2003) y Teatralización del Folklore y otros ensayos (1989)

And the collections of texts by Oscar Cornago and José A. Sánchez among others.

Most of the texts have an Europeana Rights Reserved Restricted licence and they can only be used for educational and research purposes, and a few of them a Creative Commons licence: CC BY NC ND

ECLAP Photos

There are 900 photographs uploaded that have to be organized in Collections and Playlists. UCLM photographs already in the portal show series of different works by Spanish and Latin American choreographers –Idoia Zabaleta, Claudia Muller-, Spanish Performance Art artists-Nieves Correa, Simona Levi- and the photographs of the pieces presented in the Encounter Autonomía y Complejidad (UCLM. Cuenca, April 2011).
All the photographs have Europeana Rights Reserved Restricted licence and they can only be used for educational and research purposes.

Some selected videos:



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