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History of Art at University of Glasgow (UG), UK

About the University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow (UG) is one of UK’s oldest universities, in the world’s top 100 universities, and a major internationally renowned research organisation, with an annual research income in the UK's top ten earners for research. In the latest independent research survey, RAE 2008, almost 70% of the University's research was rated as world-leading or internationally excellent.
UG is represented in ECLAP by a team from History of Art,  School of Culture and Creative Arts. The School of Culture & Creative Arts is focusing on national and international  interdisciplinary research on art, science and digital technology.


ECLAP Content

The University of Glasgow was home to the Arts and Humanities Data Service Performing Arts (AHDS Performing Arts), one of the five arts and humanities data centres that constitute the Arts and Humanities Data Service (AHDS). Since 1996 AHDS supported the creation, curation, preservation and reuse of digital materials for the UK Arts and Humanities research and teaching community. ADHS Performing Arts, based in Glasgow, supported research, learning and teaching in music, dance, theatre, radio, film, television, and performance for thirteen years. Working with the AHDS Executive, relevant performing arts collections have been ingested, documented, preserved, and where possible made available via the AHDS Cross Search Catalogue and Website to researchers, practitioners, and the general public.Furthermore strong relationships were developed with research and teaching community upon a scoping study investigating user needs.  In 2007 the co-funders of the AHDS - Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) for the UK and the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) - withdrew their funding.A detailed risk assessment report was produced in response to the withdrawal of core funding, but to no avail. When the JISC funding stopped, online access to these cultural resources eventually became discontinued.
The University of Glasgow joined the EU-funded ECLAP project to ensure that at least part of these resources could be accessible for the long term by scholars and practitioners in the performing arts arena, and by the general public.

A selection of ADHS Performing Arts public collections are ingested in ECLAP, including the most popular ADHS PA collection: the rich audiovisual resource Designing Shakespeare. This collection was developed to help students and scholars gain a greater understanding of the work of theatre designers working in Britain during 1960-2000, and the vast range of possible interpretations of Shakespeare's work.

Examples from Designing Shakespeare include thousands of images from diverse theatrical productions, such as Coriolanus, Barton/Bury, Royal Shakespeare Company, April 1967




Antony and Cleopatra, Hall/Chitty, National Theatre Company, April 1987


Hamlet, Bardsley, Young Vic, April 1994

There are also hundreds of video interview clips with theatre designers such as Sally Jacobs

and Ralph Koltai.

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