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Associazione Archibraille (ACCESSIBLE MUSIC SCORES), ARCHIBRAILLE, Italia

ARCHIBRAILLE library offers  a larger number of Braille music scores, available in the new format named BMML format. Through BMML format, the user does not depend any longer from language,  nor from transcription mode, nor from different ASCII-Braille correspondence tables.
Braille digital scores on this library have been drawn from Braille embossable files, using a programme called “Resonare”.
Resonare is mainly for transcribers or proofreaders, and it behaves much like a grammar analyser. In other terms, Resonare inputs a traditional Braille music file, no matter what programme has produced it, and gives each musical element its meaning and its context in the given score. Example: d = C quaver of the first voice in the first bar of the second staff.
Copying a music score for Braille reading, using traditional techniques, based on use of normal editors, requires a deep knowledge of Braille music notation. On the other end, a Braille score is not as easy to follow as its print source. In other words, whilst a sighted musician even with little familiarity, can tell where notes are, or can tell where a chord is, or how many parts contains his score, a blind musician must master Braille music notation in order to grasp a rough idea about what his score is like.
This is a result of the fact that Braille music text transforms the score from a graphical to a linear layout. The purpose of this portal is to offer a larger number of scores to benefit blind musicians in their musical education. This service is totally free of charge, not for profit and it does not host any commercial advertisement (including indirect advertising). A lot of music scores are available for sighted people at very reduced prices, ten Euros for a piece, on average, but the situation is different for visually impaired individuals, since the number of available pieces is less than 1%, compared with the number of those for sighted. In addition, the costs for transcription and printing are extremely high, up to hundreds of Euros for a single book. Most of the texts available in this archive are already free of copyright, since the composers died over 99 years ago. For the pieces still covered by copyright, a necessary permission will be required from the owner of the right.

ARCHIBRAILLE library will hopefully be enriched with other scores coming from blind musicians, their teachers, libraries and transcription centres or single transcribers, who will donate their works to increase the archive. The supplier of the text must declare that there are no rights tied to the pieces. In cases where the pieces were transcribed in Braille complying with national regulations, the portal will limit the access to those pieces only to users living within the same country. The other users will be allowed to consult the catalogue and apply directly to the Braille score provider to obtain the piece. To download scores, the user has to register with the portal and declare, under his/her personal liability, to be a certified visually impaired individual according to his/her national laws, or to be a specialised teacher for blind students.
The music in the archive are more than 500 belong to the following composers:

Anonym; Aprea, Tito; Bach, Johann Sebastian; Bain, J. L. M. ; Beethoven, Ludwig van; Behr, Franz ; Capi Lupi, Germignano; Carcassi, Matteo; Chopin, Fryderyk; Cimarosa, Domenico; Czerny, Carl; Dattazzi, Inolfo; Duvernoy, Jean Baptiste; Fiorentino, Meo; Frescobaldi, Girolamo; Genzmer, Harald; Gershwin, George; Handel, G. F.; Hu Haipeng; Mendelssohn, Felix; Milan, Luis; Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus; Pachelbel, Johann; Pippo Molino; Quantz, Johann Joachim; Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolai (N.A. Rimskiy-Korsakov, N. Rimsky-Korsakoff, Rimsky-Korsakov); Roogers, R and Hart, L; Schroeder, Hermann; Schumann, Robert; Tarrega, Francisco; Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich (Peter Tchaikovsky; Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky; Peter Tchaikovsky; Pjotr Iljitsch Tschaikowsky; Pyotr Tchaikovsky; Tchaikovsky; Tchaikvosky's Ghost; Tschaikowski; Tschaikowsky) ; Trombone, Antonio; Vecchi, Orazio; Veggio, Giò Agostino; William H. Monk 

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