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ECLAP Internal Meeting, October 2011, Rome, Italy

ECLAP Internal Meeting (DRAFT)
18-19 October 2011, Rome, Italy

Draft Agenda

Location: Sapienza, University of Rome
Ex Vetrerie Sciarra, Via dei Volsci, 122
00185 Rome, Italy

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The following agenda takes into account the present evolution of the ECLAP project, the results of the first review meeting, and the activities planned for ECLAP in the next months.
The sections of this workshops are largely open to the Affiliated partners (if not otherwise specified): ArchiBraille, DIGILAB (under confirmation), Fabbrica Europa.
18 October 2011 
09:00-10:00:  review meeting report (SLIDES)
10:00-11:00: next actions overview (open to all patners) (SLIDES)
  • General overview of the next period
  • Best Practice networking
  • Networking and Dissemination
  • Content ingestion and workflow
  • ECLAP portal optimization
11:00-11:30: coffee break
11:30-13:00: Training  (open to all patners) (slides and video, a part) (SLIDES)
  • ECLAP ingestion process overview (DSI, Pierfrancesco Bellini, Paolo Nesi)
  • ECLAP Metadata Model (DSI, Pierfrancesco Bellini)
  • Metadata quality (DSI, Pierfrancesco Bellini; NTUA, Kostas)
13:00-14:00: lunch
14:00-16:00: Training  (open to all patners) (video of demonstration)
  • Metadata Ingestion training (NTUA, Kostas)
16:00-16:30: coffee break
16:30-18:00: Training  (open to all patners) (video of demonstration, IPR part) (SLIDES only IPR part)
  • Content Ingestion training (DSI, Pierfrancesco Bellini, Paolo Nesi)
  • metadata editing (DSI, Pierfrancesco Bellini, Paolo Nesi)
  • IPR Wizards and tools (DSI, Michela Paolucci)
Social Dinner if it is possible!!
19 October 2011
09:00-10:30: Requirements meeting (BnG, Lotte)  (open to all partners) (Slides)
  • Scope of the upcoming requirements deliverable (DE2.1.2, deadline end December) - from generic to specific requirements.
  • User studies: Surveys, usability tests, user metrics, interviews.
  • Relations with other WPs and DEs (DE6.2.1, DE3.3.1).
  • Partner input: main improvements needed - brainstorm.
10:30-11:00: coffee break
11:00-13:00: Content Board (UNIROMA, Maia Borelli)  (open to all partners) 
  • Presentation of the Content Board aim and focus (UNIROMA, Ferruccio Marotti; NTUA, Nasos Drosoupoulos)
  • Ensure the quality definition of content and metadata (UNIROMA Maia Borelli, Irene Scaturro)
  • General discussion about next steps, planning and roadmap of the content board. 
13:00-14:00: lunch
14:00-15:30: Portal Optimization for Education and Entertainment  (open to all partners) 
  • WP6.3: optimization of portal for educational activities (UVA, Josefien Schuurman) (Slides)
  • WP6.4: optimization of portal for entertainment activities (AXMEDIATECH, Nicola; DSI, Marco, Paolo)
15:30-18:00: Project Decision Board (DSI, Paolo Nesi)  (SLIDES)
  • Planning Networking (with Raffaella Santucci)
    • Definition of a more precise methodology for identifying and creating the best practices
    • Producing new best practices for the performing art domain
    • Networking on the portal
    • Organization of working group meetings
    • Taking decisions
  • Planning Dissemination (with Célyne van Corven) (SLIDES)
    • promoting ECLAP
    • performing demonstrations of ECLAP in various context for example in DMS2011 (August), NEM2011 (September), AIIA CH workshop 2011 September, Europeana Vienna meeting in October 2011
    • Organization of the first ECLAP conference
    • Conflicts on Promotional Video Production
    • taking decisions
  • Planning Content ingestion (with DSI, Paolo, Piefrancesco; NTUA, Nasos)
    • taking decisions
  • Planning WP6 aspects (with UVA, Josefien; DSI, Nicola/Paolo/Marco)
    • taking decisions
  • Planning meetings
    • Next workshops for WP5
    • ECLAP conference organization committee
    • taking decisions
  • Planning Affiliation (with Célyne van Corven and Raffaella Santucci)
    • attracting more affiliated partners from performing arts
    • attracting affiliated partners from all the world and not only from Italy
    • taking decisions
  • Administrative aspects
    • taking decisions
20 October 2011
Public event for promoting ECLAP in the area with the support of Dario Fo Nobel Laureate. See programme at this link. With the aim of keep contained the general costs, the participation to this promotional event is a duty only for partners directly involved.

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