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ECLAP usage statistics and related analyses

ECLAP provides a full set of statistics and analyses at different levels

  • General statistics on accesses, downloads, and uploads;
  • General statistics on queries;
  • General statistics on user actions;
  • General Social network analysis, and networking;
  • Groups statistics on content enrichment, social promotion and networking;
  • Personal statistics on uploads, networking, social networking, etc.
  • Social Graph: to graphically see and navigate among the semantic relationships in ECLAP among content, users, collections, annotations, comments, groups, etc.

Instead, if you are interested to know who are the ECLAP users see the web page about ECLAP users who they are?.

They are accessible at different levels of resolution for different users. General statistics of the portal and those of the groups are directly accessible from this page. While personal data and statistics can be accessed only by the single user and by the Administrators for providing a better service. 
The first draft version of statistics analysis tools for groups and users are available!!!: 

  • Each Group coordinator. It has the possibility to see the statistics about managed group(s) by accessing on the block on the right side. The Group Administrator may edit its own profile to disable the block "Groupstat Statistiche", if you like.  Each Groups Coordinator may decide to save and publish or not the statistics of the group.
  • Each Single User may access to his/her own statistics by enabling block "Userstat Statistiche" in his/her "edit profile page". The User Statistics block will be visible at the page reload on the right side.

Last Statistics on Accesses and Downloads

These statistics have been sanitized by the accesses performed by Bot engines and by the technical staff.


Last Statistics on Queries: simple and advanced

The statistics on queries performed by users can be derived from the most adopted keywords in queries and from the statistics analysis. The most adopted keywords can be recovered from the Query Cloud block that you can activate from your user profile and you can access from the main search menu above. These statistics have been sanitized by the accesses performed by Bot engines (i.e., robots) and by the technical staff. The recent statistics on queries performed can be accessed below:


Social Network Analysis

The ECLAP Social Service Portal is monitored by a Social Network Analysis tool that is capable to estimate basic and extended metrics, among them the map of connections among users, the eccentricity, the betweenness of the registered users. A number of metrics are accessible for each single user and for group coordinators, see above. These social metrics are accessible for the administrators and group coordinators and are only oriented to help them in their work without compromising the user privacy. The general view of social network analysis is only accessible to the portal root administrator for tuning the service. The next figure is an exmaple. 


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