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ECLAP Players and Tools

ECLAP provides you a set of players and tools to cope with your content and make your experience in ECLAP simple and fascinating for both content providers and users.

ECLAP main tools for accessing content are:

  • Social Graph: to graphically see and navigate among the semantic relationships in ECLAP among content, users, collections, annotations, comments, groups, etc.
  • AUDIO and VIDEO: ECLAP audio visual players, to play audio and video (at low, medium and high definition in progressive download) into your browsers. The ECLAP player is an addon at the Flash player and it is automatically loaded and executed by your browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc., on Microsoft Windows, MAC OS and Linux. The only plugin that you have to install into your computer for your browser is the Adobe Flash player, that you can find at this link. On that web site, your can find all versions for your browsers and in your preferred language.  
  • PDF Files: ECLAP is also capable to play in web pages PDF files (if this is not possible means that you have to install a plug in of Acrobat, please read the next lines). In this case, the only tools that you have to install in your computer for your browser the Acrobat Reader that you can download and install from this link: Acrobat Reader.  On that web site your can find versions for your browsers and in your preferred language.
  • Animations in Flash: ECLAP is also capable to play in web pages flash animations, and others would come in the future. Also in this case, the only tools that you have to install in your computer for your browser is the Adobe Flash player  On that web site your can find versions for your browsers and in your preferred language.
  • ePUB documents. ECLAP is capable to ingest and play in the portal ebook content in the ePub Format as google book. These content type can be played into your Mozilla Firefox Browser only on Windows, MAC and Linux. To this end, you have to install the EPUBReader from this link, it is an Add on Mozilla browser and it is available for free on 23 languages. The ePub documents would be also accessible on your iPad by using the ECLAP Content Organizer, see below.
  • Mobile devices. see the ECLAP page on Mobile devices, and Content Organizer tool available for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone.
  • 3D Objects. see the ECLAP page on 3D object tools. ECLAP provides support for ingesting and rendering 3D objects in VRML format. They can be ingested from the upload and from the massive ingestion back office. For the visualization and navigation in the 3D environment, it is recommended to use Cortona3D that you can install from the following link: Cortona3D player.
  • ECLAP Augmented reality tools provide support for Museums with augmented reality facilities, where each ECLAP content:
    • can be dowloaded and played via its QR code. The QR Code of each ECLAP content is automatically provided in the Metadata block when the content is visualized. You can copy the QR, print, and distribute to promote your ECLAP content. ECLAP Content Organizer for iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone 7, can automatically download the object into the mobile device via the QR.
    • may have one or more GPS locations. They can be used for activating the view/download of and ECLAP content when you are close to the object location, or only to see where the object has been created, produced, is referring, etc.
  • Braille Music. ECLAP is hosting a large number of music scores coded in Braille format called BMML. see the Braille Music page on ECLAP to see how to download and play with Music scores in Braille format.
  • MPEG-21 AXMEDIS player, to play a range of intelligent cross media content, audiovisual content, ebook, etc. This content format allows to keep in an unique file intelligent content and its metadata. This kind of player is available on Windows PC and Windows Mobile PDA, for a range of browsers. To this purpose an additional tool has to be installed on:
    • Windows PC (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) please install the player that you can download from this link. This link provides your the installable version of the player which suitable for the browser from which you request the player. In any case, you can access to:
    • Windows Mobile PDA, you can download a Content Organizer and player by following this link. This link bring your to download a ZIP file containing a CAB to be installed into your PDA and some examples. You can access at the CAB file only from your PDA following this link. A specific version of this tool for ECLAP project will be produced in the next future.
  • ECLAP Metadata Editor, an ECLAP web tool to add, edit and validate multilingual metadata (classification, technical and taxonomical metadata associated to content). It is activated only for content you uploaded. And thus, it is accessible to registered users that have uploaded the content or those that are entitled to enrich the content from a Content Provider. This functionality and tool is available and accessible from the Action menu of each object via "Edit Object". Once entered in the edit object page, below the content in play the several functionalities are available including activation of Metadata Editor, IPR Wizard, content file upload/update, change of content thumbnail, embed for the versions in which this functionality is activated. 
  • ECLAP IPR Wizard an ECLAP web tool activated and accessible only for indicated users of content providers. The tool allows to define content access permissions for different kind of users, for educational and non educational, etc. An example of IPR profile can be observed in the IPR metadata of most of the ECLAP content on the portal. More details are accessible on the web page of the IPR Wizard.
  • ECLAP Back Office for content ingestion and semantic computing is realized by using AXCP (AXMEDIS Content Processing) Media Grid language and tools. This tool allows to perform automated content adaptation and transcoding to allow using content on several different platforms and devices (PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone,..), content ingestion, metadata processing, semantic computing related to suggestions, clustering, indexing, recommendations, etc. This tool has been the selected as one of the winner in the Italian Ministry competition called "Italia of innovators", see the video
  • ECLAP Metadata Ingestion service is an ECLAP tool for metadata ingestion and mapping them from any your metadata format and schema to ECLAP Semantic Model.  Please follow the next link to access at the page in which all metadata and content ingestion process is described. The ECLAP semantic model for metadata and information is quite extensive and large. On the other hand, the ECLAP Metadata Ingestion Semantic Model is widely open and it is capable to accept a very large set of metadata sets. A large part of the ECLAP semantic model of content provided by partners and affiliated partners is passed to Europeana for general indexing on the Europeana general portal.  
  • ECLAP Annotation and Enrichment tools, a set of tools for content enrichment, aggregation and audiovisual annotation please follow the link.
  • ECLAP Social Network Analysis tools. ECLAP administrator may access to several social network analysis tools. They range from classical metrics for social relationships to more sophisticated metrics on content access and download, query, user interaction, etc. ECLAP makes accessible some of these metrics and values to the group/channel coordinator. 
  • ECLAP Statistic Analysis tools, please consult the dedicated web page. They are en extension of classical metrics for user behavior on content access and download, query, user interaction, etc. ECLAP makes accessible some of these metrics and values to the group/channel coordinator. 
  • ..
A technical view of the ECLAP Services and Tools can be recovered from the ECLAP Infrastructure deliverable DE3.1.
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