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Dario Fo & Franca Rame Archive, CTFR, Milano, Italia

Dario Fo and Franca Rame Archive is managed personally by Franca Rame.

It comprehensively represents these 50 years of theatre together, their artistic activity, their political commitment and personal life; it also contains invaluable documents collected by the Rame family of hundreds of years of theatre practice.
Nobel Prize Dario Fo is the Italy’s foremost living playwright, is also director, painter, set and costume designer, and, on occasion, even composing the music for his plays.

Franca Rame, leading actress, has assisted in and contributed to the writing of many of the plays they have produced in their 50 years and more over of theatre together. Franca Rame has also assumed the administrative and organizational responsibility for the Fo-Rame Company: C.T.F.R.
C.T.F.R. is interesting to engage the digital technology in a work programme with a specifics strategy of comunication to the accessibility for the diversely able persons, for knowledge interchange. It’s a very long time that Fo & Rame are involved in the social question of diversely able persons.  So we are working to have the subtitles in a different languages even for the deaf persons; audio descriptions for the blind persons and so on. In that way, thanks to diversely able persons we have the opportunity to work at the content, the form, the modality, the time and the space of performance from a different point of view.






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