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Digital Meets Culture, Italy

The Digital Meets Culture portal is a virtual magazine dedicated to the digital culture, and it features original articles and latest news pertaining to visual and performing arts, to the creative industry and to the creative uses of the digital art in any expression.
In the context of global growing access to the Internet, and over-flooding of on-line information about any topic, it is sometimes hard for users to collect materials and news about their interests. is a project run by company Promoter, and it was imagined as an on-line magazine about the digital culture for collecting and sharing information and events, in a global dimension, taking into account the different approaches that scientific, humanistic and artistic culture have to the digital age.
The portal was also built in order to create a useful tool for the dissemination of digital cultural heritage project: by giving wide visibility to the projects’ activities and achievements, by deepening their topics through interviews and related articles, and by offering a repository service for the projects’ results.
The portal is composed of two specific areas dedicated to the cultural heritage in general, and to the digital art.
The section DIGITAL ART wishes to focus on the latest, innovative forms of the digital art in any expression, and to give space and visibility to upcoming events and discussions about this large, open and evolving topic. Conferences and seminars, interesting dates and case-studies will be collected; and nice showcases dedicated to associations, artists and companies, provided with many information and amazing multimedia contents in every format will offer a wide overview about what’s going on.
The section DIGITAL HERITAGE collects articles and information about projects and initiatives for the digitization and access to the digital cultural heritages all over the world. The key point at the base of this section is to give visibility to the institutions which work for preservation, to companies which develop tools and problem solving, to users who get benefit or gratification from digital cultural heritage.



Information technology, research and innovation

Promoter is an innovative company where new technologies and experienced know-how collide. Based near to Pisa, Promoter was founded in 1996 joining together competencies and experiences in the areas of information & communication technologies, multimedia innovation, business pro-motion and project management. Promoter's general management is composed of skilled profes-sional people who have been managing or contributing to EU projects since the early 1990s, in different sectors belonging to several programs as Esprit, ACTS, eContent, eTen, and RTD Framework Programmes FP5, FP6 and FP7. Promoter is currently partner of several projects in the digital cultural heritage sector, with the role of technical coordinator and an active attendance to dissemination. Prestigious Culture and Research Institutes as well as private enterprises in Europe and worldwide had Promoter as technical coordinator and consultant to assist their projects for improving innovation.

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