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The National Audiovisual Institute, Poland

The National Audiovisual Institute

From the very beginning of its existence, the mission of the National Audiovisual Institute has been to make the most noble and significant examples of Polish audiovisual culture widely available. As Polish Audiovisual Publishing House, founded in 2005,
it rediscovered for the audience excellent documentaries (“Polish School of Documentary Movies”) and animations (”The Anthology of Polish Animation” series), which having been digitised and reconstructed, enjoy new life and attract young audience. In addition to publishing activities related to documentaries and animation,it also brought to the audience selected theatrical and opera performances and initiated cultural eventsdrawing attention to artistic phenomena.
With time the scope of tasks broadened, and in the past two years – due to increasing and urgent need to save audiovisual archives of Polish culture - PAPH substantially modified its mission.
On 1 April 2009 Polish Audiovisual Publishing House was renamed to National Audiovisual Institute, which is to become a leading cultural institution in the field of digitisation and publishing of archives documenting Polish Audiovisual heritage. Effective implementation of these tasks goes beyond technological and structural processes. The topic of archives and making them available to the broad spectrum of audiences is also closely related to copyright issues, reflection on cultural memory (including continuous changes to the medium itself, which determines perception of contents) and the necessity to create a friendly and modern space giving the opportunity to familiarise oneself with digitised audiovisual resources.

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