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Fondazione Fabbrica Europa per le Arti Contemporanee, FFEAC, Italia

The mission of the Fondazione Fabbrica Europa per le Arti Contemporanee is the promotion of the relationship between contemporary creativity and production. Its main activity is the organisation of the performing arts festival Fabbrica Europa which takes place since 1994 every year, in the month of May, at the former railway station Stazione Leopolda of Florence. Fondazione Fabbrica Europa per le Arti Contemporanee is a cultural organisation, whose core. As well as the festival, Fabbrica Europa also promotes, through a wide network of partners, pro-duction and co-production projects at European and international level, professional training pro-jects in the cultural sphere, projects supporting creativity (workshops, creation residencies, compe-titions, etc.), conventions, meetings and conferences.
Since 1996 Fabbrica Europa has begun to collect and catalogue the video shootings of the per-formances and the events (contemporary dance, theatre, music, multimedia, etc) of the festival Fabbrica Europa, as well as video material of several international performing arts projects. This has led to the creation of a significant archive that gathers videos of performances by important international artists and companies, often especially conceived for the particular space of Stazione Leopolda, and thus unique events, together with material on new creations and research projects of young artists, whose work is usually little known by general public. Particularly extensive is the dance section, with videos of premières and new productions, which represent an important heritage of images on choreographic research from 1996 until now. Therefore Fondazione Fabbrica Europa will be able to provide digital material on different editions of the festival Fabbrica Europa from 1994 to 2011 (showing international dance, theatre, music, etc.), on the Festival au Désert/presenze d’Africa (African and European music), on some multidisciplinary productions from the recent project Focus on Art and Science in the Performing Arts (young European performing artists), on performing arts projects carried out in the last years, as well as interviews with international artists.

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