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ECLAP on Samsung Smart TV, 2013 and 2014

Today after a long period of trial the ECLAP Social TV appeared on Samsung Smart TV:

ENG: ECLAP on is distributing more than 180.000 content objects, coming from more than 32 prestigious European institutions: images, video, documents, audio, ebook, ePub, animations, slides, playlists, collections, 3D, braille music, annotations, etc. The ECLAP Smart TV application and chanel provides you access to video and images. ECLAP is a network making use of advanced tools for the production and dissemination of the rich performative arts European heritage.
ITA: ECLAP su distribuisce più di 180.000 contenuti, provenienti da più di 32 prestigiose istituzioni europee: immagini, video, documenti, audio, ebook, ePub, animazioni, diapositive, playlist, collezioni, 3D, musica braille, annotazioni, ecc L'applicazione ECLAP smart TV fornisce l'accesso a video e immagini. ECLAP fornisce strumenti avanzati per la produzione e la diffusione del patrimonio europeo delle arti performative.

This results in a cultural enrichment and promotion of European culture, and improve learning and research in the field of performing arts. ECLAP started as a co-funded project by the European Union ICT Policy Support Programme as part of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme. ECLAP is covering performing art key areas, such as metadata and content modelling, mapping metadata standards, semantic enrichment, IPR management tools, business models, ingestion and integration of end-user contributions, education and leisure tools, digital libraries tools. If you have any questions or would like to find out more about ECLAP tools and services, please contact or visit our website at


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Linked Open Graph as simple tool for LOD and EDM model

the former social graph that we used on ECLAP has been improved to be used as stand along tool.
It can be easily used ad general tools for navigating on LOD,
as well as on a specific visualize of EDM LOD of europeana content as:

this means that almost all projects could embed the LOG visualizer
into their web pages...

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Great NEW !!!! MyStoryPlayer version 2.0

MyStoryPlayer version 2.0 with higher precision and reliability of synchronisation has been released. You can access to the player with the traditional annotations on ECLAP. a Good demonstration of sync capabilities can be obtained playing:

many other annotations and relationships are available as masterclassed courses of CTA UNIROMA, study of CTFR, etc. Anybody can can create his own experience and share.

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test moderazione dei contenuti
Pubblico un messaggio da amministratore (voglio testare i commenti degli utenti sui contenuti moderati)

ECLAP Sustainability, September 2013

According to the present ECLAP service and portal, former ECLAP partners are going to continue providing the ECLAP service alive. On the other hand, in order to keep it updated and alive according, we need to sustain minimum costs per year. Among the activities planned: (i) the enlargement of the network and (ii) the set up of a crowdsourcing mechanism that would allow the publication of small money requests to get founding from the crowd for small projects (for example, the digitization  and publication of a small content collection, etc.).
Therefore, we are collecting a number of clear commitments on supporting ECLAP in the new phases, and participating to the new set up of the Board of Directors. Please contact ECLAP at with a short email if you are interested in contributing to ECLAP sustainability and boards.

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Last days to save EUROPEANA

Let's keep Europe’s culture open to everyone online

Supporting Europeana is supporting Europe.
Europe can’t afford to lose a service that is both good for people and good for the economy.
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Final WG-C Best Practices Recommendations

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Here available the report of the WG-C session Trust and Quality in Cultural Heritage Digital 2013

THANKS TO Jana Renée Wilcoxen - ECLAP WG-C member  and co-chair of the WG-C Session -  at the follow link is a
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Final guidelines WG-B: three-step guide on clearing IPR and sustainability recommendations

In this final month of the ECLAP project, the Working Group's final guidelines are published. You can find the WG-B report on the three-step guide on clearing IPR and sustainability recommendation here.
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